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Membership Benefits and Fees

Online Members have the following benefits – all for £14.99 a year:

Membership of an Online Peer to Peer Network – Out of School Partnership is run for practitioners by practitioners. Membership allows you exclusive access to a private network of childcare practitioners who want to help and learn from each other. Within the network there is a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience available from members, all of whom are actively involved in meeting the day-to-day challenges of running a setting.

Shared Experiences in Private Discussion Forums – the forums allow all members to raise a topic for discussion. Once raised members can discuss and debate a topic. Questions can also be answered through the forum and links made where relevant to Frequently Asked Questions and Resources. The forums will be moderated by other practitioners to ensure they remain courteous and respectful.

Guest Blogs Exploring Hot Topics, News, Best Practice etc –Guest members will regularly share aspects of their working lives to inspire you, to kick off debates and sometimes to challenge you. All members have the opportunity to submit a blog for publication to share their best practice, experiences and processes.

Browse Job Vacancies – be able to view job vacancies and apply through the advertised contact links.

Member Recommended Training Courses – as a member we want you to review with us existing training courses and ways in which they can be improved. Subject to demand we will commission training for members and ensure it is tailored to our specific sector. Technology support training is available to all members to ensure they can access the platform and gain all the benefits of digital technology.

Access to a Knowledge Database – in addition to our member’s knowledge a database is also available allowing members to view and/or download resources. Should an answer or resource not be available let us know and we will source it if at all possible.

Reducing the Costs of Running a Setting – as a membership network we want to ensure our members are getting value for money and keeping their day-to-day costs manageable. As well as negotiating discounts for members we shall also be looking to tender services and seek to get the best price available. We ask members to feedback, confidentially, on their costs so we can regularly benchmark and inform members of best buys.

Online+ Members have the following additional benefits – all for £49.99 a year:

Recruitment – members can post their vacancies free of charge on the network and know that they are targeted solely at other practitioners, both members and non-members.

A Helpline using Live Chat, Messaging and Email – members have access to support throughout the working week (Monday to Friday) using Live Chat messaging either through the website, Whatsapp or Skype. Outside of the working week support is available by email.

Click on JOIN and you will be taken through the application process to enter your membership details and to process your card payment.

Not quite ready to join just yet? Then send your name, job title, setting name and email address to info@oosp.co.uk and we will add you to our mailing list for updates on our activities.